Dating Sites vs Dating Applications: how to choose?

We want a love for life or a flirtation of a night? We go collected a list the best dating sites and applications that will allow us to live the passion we want.


For who? If you want a relationship in the short or long term. Recently, the site allows polyamorous couples to seek a partner.

Good points: We are invited to make a complete profit and, above all, to answer several questions about our beliefs, our vision of the ideal partner, our way of life. An algorithm then deals with proposing potential candidates. You can search by selecting one or more criteria. For example, one can look for someone vegetarian. Continue reading Dating Sites vs Dating Applications: how to choose?

Which dating app is perfect for you?

Dating applications, there are many on the Internet, but not all of them match what you are looking for. Tinder, AdoptUnMec, Happn, Once … Review the essentials of connected dredging to find love.

They invaded our phones and computers. Stuck between Facebook and the icon of our mailbox, dating applications flourish. The notifications of “matches”, “charms” and other “crushes” are multiplying. In just a few years, this emerging trend has become a backdrop. According to a study by INED (National Institute for Demographic Studies) published in February, nearly a couple in ten would meet today via a dating site. Pragmatic, many use NRJ, Tinder, Happn or AdopteUnMec to force fate. Continue reading Which dating app is perfect for you?