Internet dating: 10 things I’ve learned from using dating apps

We always have pretty funny things on the internet, especially when it comes to finding love on a dating app. We often have funny anecdotes to tell the girlfriends that finally make us laugh! Here are 5 in which you will surely recognize!

I spend a whole day creating my profile

Who says virtual meeting, says “I put everything on my profile picture and presentation.” Worse than doing your CV, you can spend hours and hours to fill in your personal info, write a presentation without much to do, and especially choose the perfect profile photo that highlights and masks your flaws. On the one hand, there is the one that represents you well (he can not be disappointed on D-Day) and on the other, the one where you have impeccable hair, perfect makeup and a dream tan. In a word: it’s a tough choice.
I discuss with a guy who races a little (a lot) too fast

It happens sometimes on dating apps, some men do not hesitate to send copied / pasted message, or to make inappropriate requests from the first exchanges … It’s heavy and we do not necessarily want to find facing this kind of person. But luckily, we found the right plan to deal with this kind of man! Meetic created the Meetic Badge to (finally) meet and quickly spot really serious singles. The dating application is committed to women for more respectful meetings by asking men to sign a charter of good conduct. More surprise for us, and maybe more luck finding a man and especially faster!

I also check ten times his picture to not be disappointed on D-day

So yes, it’s easy to post your best photo on a dating app. More beautiful haircut, charming smile, look of ember … It is at the top! But right now, we ask ourselves the same question: “Will not I be disappointed when I see it? “. It is at this moment that one immediately calls his best friend to be advised but especially reassured! We go for it or not?

I come across someone I know well (or very good)

Everyone has the right to sign up for a dating app, right? Yes, but when you come across a person you know, some embarrassment sets in … “Uh? But that’s the name of my boss, his picture, all the info! “. Run away !!! Only problem: you are super curious, so you decide to go take a look at his profile. Oops, he can see who has consulted his page …

I flirt with a guy who comes out of a long relationship

That’s it, you’re close to finding THE guy you need. Intelligent, funny, respectful (plus he loves kittens like you). In short, the current goes very well with him. After some exchanges with this guy, he announces that he has just broken with his girlfriend and he is not ready to meet another person. “But why does this happen to me? “. For once you met a good guy …