Which dating app is perfect for you?

Dating applications, there are many on the Internet, but not all of them match what you are looking for. Tinder, AdoptUnMec, Happn, Once … Review the essentials of connected dredging to find love.

They invaded our phones and computers. Stuck between Facebook and the icon of our mailbox, dating applications flourish. The notifications of “matches”, “charms” and other “crushes” are multiplying. In just a few years, this emerging trend has become a backdrop. According to a study by INED (National Institute for Demographic Studies) published in February, nearly a couple in ten would meet today via a dating site. Pragmatic, many use NRJ, Tinder, Happn or AdopteUnMec to force fate.

Help you find the one

If their number explodes, these users are also more and more demanding. Following the adage “which is similar, assembles”, a large number of sites offer a matchmaking service. Each member completes a more or less detailed questionnaire when registering, ranging from “Your favorite musical style” to “If you were to describe yourself in three words” or “In what color do you see life?”.

That’s not all. Geolocation has also become essential. By crossing each other or moving in a restricted area, the users of the same application find themselves connected on the network. By affinity or proximity, these sites all promise to help us find the chosen one of our heart in one click. Here are some things to help you find the one that really suits you.

AdoptUnMec, thought for women

On Adopte-for the intimate-, it’s “honor to the ladies”. The site born in 2008 set the stage to attract female singles and avoid the pitfall of its predecessors – the overflow of testosterone. “At the supermarket meetings, women are good business,” says AdopteUnMec, whose male members are categorized into “specials”, “business of the month” and other “regional products”.

This somewhat dubious humor aside, the site has one of the most modern interfaces on the market. What attract a growing number of singles in need of meeting. In January 2015, App Annie, a private research institute for the smartphone market, released its global report for the year. AdopteUnMec ranked at the top of the ranking of applications, excluding video games, generating the largest turnover in France, thanks to its subscription offers.

Price: free. 7 days pass: 9.99 euros, 60 Charms pack: 9.99 euros.

Tinder, the reference app

We do not present her anymore. Founded in 2012, Tinder is the industry’s flagship application. Main reason for this success, its extreme simplicity. Just register via Facebook and create a minimalist profile with his name and at least one photo. We then define the sex and the age group we are interested in. From this information, Tinder geolocates the profiles that best fit our query. All that remains is to select those that interest us and to delete those that are not to our liking. In the case of a mutual validation, the “match” then opens the doors of online chat. The idea? “To lead to an immediate meeting and to unpack the meeting online,” explained in 2014 the co-founder of the app, Whitney Wolfe at L’Express Styles. To observe Tinder’s growing success among active urban youth, the bet seems successful.

Price: free. Tinder plus: 9.99 euros, Package of 5 super likes: 4.99 euros.

Happn, second chance online

“Find who you meet” is the credo of this French application created in 2014 and puts geolocation at the heart of his project of meeting. Happn shows on the timeline of the user the profiles of other people connected, crossed in a bar, at the bakery or in the street. The shy ones, those who missed the boat or who simply do not like flirting will be able to find the one who has hit them in the eye. If geolocation can awaken paranoia for some, do not worry: if you do not want to cross your neighbor Happn a little heavy, just press the cross button to instantly disappear his profile. Present in six countries, the application today boasts nearly one million users.

Price: free. 10 credits: 1.99 euros, 60 credits: 10.99 euros, 250 credits: 36.99 euros.
Bumble, for the trendy

The proposal is enticing, the offer promising. Newcomer Bumble intends to “change the rules of the game”. Created in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s co-founder, Bumble is very much like his famous elder. Same system of geolocation, same obligation to share its photos via Facebook.

Nevertheless, the application tries to remedy the problem of sometimes aggressive seduce experienced on Tinder. Here, it is the girls who start the conversation. If they do not do this within 24 hours, the connection disappears. The goal? Prevent having many “matches” … and no conversation. Niche application for now, Bumble touches a trendy population. It’s a question of distinguishing oneself, of not sending standard messages, in short to display one’s personality.

Price: free. Bumble radius: 8.99 euros.

Once, for strategists

Its founder, Jean Meyer, nicknamed it the app “Kinder surprise”. Every day at noon, Once sends its subscribers their “match of the day”, selected specifically for them according to their profile. Both users then have 24 hours to talk to each other. A way to take the opposite of the trend by promoting the “slow dating” and avoiding the meetings of a night.

The criteria for selecting a “match”, however, remain unclear. They would be made by matchmakers selected by Oz to analyze the photos of the contenders and their compatibility. If Once tries to make its way through the plethoric offer of the dating market, it is more of a complement to other applications.

Price: free. Price of five crowns: 9.99 euros, price of fifteen crowns: 19.99 euros.

Meetic, for those who know what they are looking for

For the European leader, there is no question of giving in to the sirens of chance and geolocation. Here, we highlight his affinities and his tastes to find someone who looks like us. In 14 years of existence, Meetic claims more than 6 million members. Its matchmaking service, MatchAffinity, is a full-fledged site and was created in 2008.

The affinity test includes a very long list of questions, some of which – “Under which tree would you spontaneously rest?” – leave you doubtful. To this is added “a personality report” to learn everything about “traits that define your character and your behavior”.

These numerous analyzes obviously have a cost, which makes MeeticAffinity one of the most expensive sites. Registration is free as well as viewing and looking for singles but you have to subscribe to a premium subscription in order to view the photos of members as well as being able to respond to private messages.

Price: free. Meetic for iPhone: 5.99 euros.

OkCupid, for English speakers

Launched in the United States in 2004, the site created by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Christian Rudder and Max Krohn, quickly ranked in the top 10 dating sites in 2007 according to Time magazine. It was bought by rival Match.com in 2011.

Its location in France did not prevent OkCupid from keeping an Anglo-Saxon color. What make it one of the applications of favorite meeting of urban youth. At the time of registration, no less than twelve alternatives are proposed to define his sexual orientation: homosexual, hetero and even sapiosexual. The same flexibility is given to gender. It is indeed possible to define oneself as androgynous, transgender or “intersex”.

Price: free. Boost: 1.99 euros, A-List: 19.99 euros.